27th December 2020 - That bit after Christmas when nobody really knows what day it is...

So it’s the day after Boxing Day, yes it’s Sunday...I think 🤔... but definitely not feeling a roast as I’m still recovering from Christmas Dinner !!
My house is in ultimate chaos, we have more sweets and chocolate than a sweet shop and there are new toys everywhere! The Christmas Tree shudders and drops a ton of needles everytime somebody sneezes! 😂

But all in all, everyone is happy and we’ve had a great Christmas. We all ‘Happy Danced’ yesterday when the familiar ‘CHING’ of sales coming through started again. 

I’ve still been doing bits and pieces behind the scenes, one handed typing with the obligatory Baileys in the other! Contacting our new suppliers for 2021 and getting our orders ready to put through, drafting them on the website and preparing for the biggest thing ever happening for Gingerbread Fox in the New Year! I can’t tell you what it is yet but oh my goodness it’s amazing!!

Thats all for now anyway, I’m off to scrape the abandoned play doh off the table as they’re obviously bored of that now... 


V x